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Attivare masterpass intesa san paolo

Attivare masterpass intesa san paolo

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The service is offered through collaboration with your bank (there are major banks such as Mps, Intesa Sanpaolo, Bnl, Bpm, CheBanca, Banca Generali, WeBank, Findomestic, Ubi banca, Unicredit, and Poste Italiane).
The promotions obviously depend on the type of e-commerce of interest. To give some examples, Trenitalia gave away 200 cartafreccia points on the first purchase with masterpass, Vodafone gave away 5 euro on the first recharge (deepening: Vodafone smart pass card), e-price gave away free delivery. To know the active procedures just go to the appropriate page of the official site Mesterpass, or check on the various sites where you want to make a purchase.

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The term “TAP” indicates the operations performed with contactless technology. It recalls the simple gesture of bringing your smartphone close to the POS (1-2 centimeters away), through which you can make a payment.
Even if your smartphone reads “Card read successfully”, you still have to wait for the actual confirmation of the POS. In case the POS denies the payment, we recommend that you keep the receipt and check the transaction in your statement as soon as you can. Just as you would with a traditional payment card payment.
Yes, because your card and account numbers are never disclosed to the recipients of your payments nor are they saved on your smartphone. Even if you lose your phone, your information remains protected.
You can activate it easily and free of charge from the bank’s website or from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app, choosing which phone number and which Superflash account or card to associate the service with.
You can deactivate it at any time on the website of the online bank or from the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app by choosing DEACTIVATE BANCOMAT Pay® in the section DIGITAL PAYMENTS – BANCOMAT Pay® or DELETE PROFILE in the section SETTINGS-BANCOMAT Pay® of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app.

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The Classic Card of Intesa San Paolo (also known as Carta Blu) offers free payments in stores (also online) in euro (in Italy and abroad) and the purchase of fuel. You pay with a gesture in contactless POS enabled stores without signing or PIN for amounts less than 25 euros.  You can personalize the PIN every time from the fast cash machines.
With the Exclusive Card, the ceiling and, consequently, the annual fee are further increased. The services, benefits, anti-fraud protection, emergency service, withdrawal limits and ATM/SEPA/EXTRA SEPA cash advance fees, insurance coverage remain unchanged. And, again, the PAyGO service, the control of expenses online and via free app.
It provides customizable usage limits, variable according to one’s needs, deferred debit of business expenses (until the 28th day of the second month following the date of purchase). Online expense management is done in real time from the website or via mobile app.

Codice titolare intesa san paolo

Pubblicità a scopo promozionale Parcheggi è un servizio accessibile dall’App Mobile di Intesa Sanpaolo. Per utilizzare l’App devi essere titolare di un contratto MyKey e aver attivato il servizio di remote banking della Banca. Per le condizioni del contratto MyKey e per sapere come utilizzare il servizio a distanza, consulta il Foglio Informativo MyKey e la Guida al Servizio disponibile in filiale e sul sito Per utilizzare PARCHEGGI è necessario accettare i Termini e Condizioni disponibili nell’apposita sezione dell’App Mobile di Intesa Sanpaolo.
Messaggio pubblicitario a scopo promozionale. Per le condizioni economiche e contrattuali si rimanda ai Fogli Informativi, disponibili anche presso le filiali Private Banking.