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Come attivare sim kena mobile

Come attivare sim kena mobile

Kena mobile 4g

You have found an offer of Kena Mobile that seems perfect for your needs, as well as for your pocket, as it includes a bundle with many minutes, SMS and Giga at a very affordable price.
Before explaining in detail how to activate a Kena Mobile SIM, allow me to provide you with some preliminary information that will certainly be useful to take advantage of the plan included in the offer that you have subscribed.
I remind you that, after activating the Kena Mobile SIM, you must configure your device properly using the parameters indicated on the operator’s website, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the data plan included in your offer.

Kena mobile abroad

The range of Kena Mobile offers and services is between 9.99 euros and 4.99 euros per month. These are, in general, promotional packages that see the purchase of 4G internet giga, unlimited minutes, SMS and a basic plan Kena, which provides per-minute consumption for calls, per single SMS and for each 50 MB of internet connection.
From here select the item Access Point Names (or Profiles), click on the + button (or the three vertical dots, choosing New APN) on the right of the screen and proceed by manually filling in fields associated with Name: Kenamobile web, APN: and APN Type: default. Everything else remains unchanged.
Click on the Save button to make the changes. Then, going back to the Settings menu, select Connections and Data Usage and enable Data Connection. The phone may reboot after the configuration is complete.
To configure the Kena Mobile internet network on smartphones with iOS operating system you need to proceed by clicking on Settings, Mobile, Cellular Data Options and enable 4G. Then to configure the APN, as above, select the menu Mobile, Cellular Data Network and here enter next to the entry APN: Then go back to the menu Settings > Cellular and enable the data connection by scrolling with the gray key on Cellular Data.

Compra sim online italia

Sulla home page del Il sito ufficiale ufficiale di Kena Mobile, Dal 5 agosto 2021, questa prossima offerta è pubblicizzato Kena Timish, E un bundle dati mensile Consente di ottenere un calcio e sport promo DAZN, Infinity + per 12 mesi E Timish.
Giorno Oggi è 5 agosto 2021, Come già accennato, l’operatore virtuale promuove l’offerta sul suo sito ufficiale attraverso un banner sulla home page. Ancora, al momento può essere attivato solo su rivenditori partecipanti Via servizio clienti 181.
La nuova offerta è valida per tutti i nuovi clienti Esso contiene, con o senza portabilità Timish 99 6,99 al mese (incluso Eurosport player per i primi 12 mesi), DAZN 29,99 euro al mese Infinity + 99 7,99 al mese (Solo per i primi 12 mesi, si disattiverà automaticamente).
Per gli abbonamenti dal 29 luglio 2021 al 16 agosto 2021, il costo mensile dell’offerta Kena Mobile è lo stesso 0 euro 2021 fino al 31 agosto, Poi diventa uguale 29,99 euro al mese Per 12 mesi, la fine passa 34,99 euro al mese.

Sim prepaid italia

From July 29, 2021, Tim allows to activate the TIMVISION offer, including also the related DAZN and Infinity+ content, as well as its fixed and mobile network customers, also on the SIMs of its second brand, namely the virtual operator Kena Mobile.
As anticipated by, therefore, from July 29, 2021 to August 16, 2021, the virtual operator and second brand of Tim provides for the sale of the offer, called “Kena TIMVISION”, which includes the vision of the Football and Sport package of TIMVISION and 1 Giga per month of mobile internet traffic.