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Come attivare 3d secure postepay

Come attivare 3d secure postepay

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Another possible way to associate the phone number to the PostePay and then activate the Verified by Visa PostePay security protocol is to go to the counter of any post office and perform this procedure with the help of an operator. In this case it is necessary to show an identification document and the tax code, so you can prove that you are the owner of the card on which you want to activate Verified by Visa.
The functioning of the 3D Secure Code remains the same as that of Verified by Visa: after an online transaction, the cardholder receives an SMS with a one-time password to be entered to complete the payment.

3d secure visa

For extra protection of your online purchases, in this section you can activate or deactivate the 3D Secure protection service (Mastercard® Identity Check™ and Verified by Visa) and choose the Online PIN for your debit, prepaid and revolving cards.
From the browser, from the Main Menu, go to Cards > Debit and prepaid cards, choose the card (debit or prepaid) and manage the 3D Secure from the dedicated box. From the App, go to Accounts and Cards and choose the debit or prepaid card with a simple swipe or select it from Menu > Accounts and Cards. Then go to Detail > Manage card and enable/disable the 3D Secure from the dedicated box.

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You may need to change your Verified by Visa code. The procedure to change it depends on the reason why you need to make the change: loss or blocking of the card. Below we look at both procedures.
Being a cardholder, you can change your ID phrase and password whenever you want. The 3D Secure service has a free registration and, from now on, every time you buy something on a site that has the 3D Secure, Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode logo, you will have to enter the password you have chosen when you confirm the online payment.

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Un acquirente non ha bisogno di un conto bancario per avere una carta Postepay. L’acquirente deve acquistare la carta in un ufficio postale e fornire un documento d’identità. L’acquirente deve registrare la carta online prima di usarla, dopo può ricaricare la carta con altri fondi in uno dei 14.000 uffici postali o 4.500 bancomat.
Tutte queste variazioni della Postepay non cambiano l’offerta di base. Il prodotto Postepay rimane una carta prepagata qualunque sia la variante che l’acquirente decide di prendere. È anche possibile per un acquirente collegare una carta Postepay all’applicazione Postepay Mobile ed effettuare pagamenti direttamente dal proprio telefono.
Lo stesso shopper può avere fino a tre carte Postepay. Ulteriori applicazioni Postepay Standard o Junior da parte degli attuali titolari di carta Postepay sono gratuite.    I vari costi e limiti dei diversi tipi di carte Postepay sono elencati nella tabella sottostante: