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Come attivare cashback postepay

Come attivare cashback postepay

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Postepay Cashback allows to obtain a partial refund of purchases made with Postepay Code in the affiliated stores and Post Offices until February 28, 2021: it is 1 euro every 10 of expenditure. Through the “Cashless Italy Plan – Cashback” we find instead the adhesion to the state cashback of which so much is spoken in these days.
By qualifying your Postepay prepaid cards and BancoPosta debit cards for cashback, you will be able to obtain a 10% refund of up to a maximum of 150 euros on purchases made in physical stores and Italian post offices. For more information on this you can consult our detailed guide at the bottom or the video below.

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Start living without cash by framing with your smartphone the QR Code present at the cash desks of the affiliated stores and authorize the payment directly in the App RECHARGE YOUR PREPAID CARDS AND SIM cards IN A SIMPLE WAY.
You can recharge your Postepay prepaid card in a simple way using also the payment cards of other banks. You can also set an automatic recharge of your Postepay card to never run out of money, choosing the frequency or the threshold amount available. –
Check and recharge the remaining credit of your PosteMobile SIM, view the residual bonus of your tariff plan, check the details of traffic and activate Offers and Promotions dedicated to you. EXCHANGE MONEY WITH YOUR CONTACTS AND SEND MONEY ABROAD.

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Sono numerosi gli esercizi commerciali che già aderiscono al programma, riconoscendo sconti cashback ogni volta che i Titolari di Carta Postepay o di Carta Bancoposta utilizzano le carte presso di loro o pagano tramite App Postepay grazie al servizio Codice Postepay.
Se hai un’attività commerciale e vuoi promuovere il tuo negozio, Scontiposte è la vetrina che fa per te, gestiremo per te l’intero programma fedeltà Scontiposte curandone gli aspetti: commerciali, amministrativi e gestionali.
La partecipazione non prevede alcuna quota di adesione, è sufficiente mettere a disposizione uno sconto che verrà corrisposto al cliente in cashback per essere presente sul sito e sulle app di Poste Italiane; non ci sarà alcun costo se non lo sconto a beneficio del cliente e una piccola quota di servizio.
Il processo è molto semplice e automatico: quando i possessori di carte Postepay e Bancoposta effettuano acquisti presso il punto vendita convenzionato, dopo qualche giorno dalla transazione, ricevono lo sconto in cashback sotto forma di ricarica della propria carta (se prepagata) o di accredito sul conto Poste.

Postepay evolution abroad

ROME – The 22 million PostePay customers and 7 million BancoPosta cardholders will be able to participate in the government’s “Cashback” plan without going through the “IO” App, by registering their cards directly on the PostePay and BancoPosta Apps.
Moreover, thanks to the Postepay Cashback initiative, for all payments made from December 8 to February 28, all customers who make payments with the Postepay App through the “Postepay Code” system will receive an additional contribution of €1 for all payments over €10.
Nationwide, moreover, Poste Italiane manages about 22 million PostePay cards with which, during 2019, about 1.4 billion transactions were made, coming to represent about 25% of the entire national e-commerce market.
Launched in an experimental phase at the beginning of the year, the service is aimed at professionals and small merchants who do not want to incur the costs of a traditional Pos: they receive from Poste a system of codes (Postepay Code) to be applied to products, a QR code that customers will only have to frame with their smartphone to perfect the purchase.